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Shopping FAQs


Browsing our store

You do not need an account to simply browse through our online store. If you don't have an account with us, you can still use the shopping cart, add and remove items and gather prices. If you want to purchase the products added to your shopping cart, then you can register an account, and the products in your cart will be merged over automatically. Our system will retain the contents of your shopping cart for 30 days (based on your IP address) even if you do not create an account, so that you can make your purchase at a later date.

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Creating an account

To purchase products from our online store you will need to create an account on our site. Setting up an account is free, very simple and it's a quick process. With your account you can also view your purchase history and do a range of other things. As you proceed to the store checkout, you will be asked to either login to your exisiting account (if you have one) or create an account by completing some basic details such as your name, address, email and contact number. You can set a password of your choice. Your username and password are required in order to access your account details online. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot password" link to set a new one by following the prompts in an email that will be sent to you.

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Do I have to buy anything once I create an account?

No. You do not have to purchase anything even if you have an account. You are most welcome to sign up for an account, to take advantages of things like our newsletter where you can stay up to date with specials and new product additions. However, When you do want to purchase goods, you will need to have an account to do so.

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Do I have to provide my credit card details when creating an account?

No. We do not store your credit card information on our servers or on file at all for security reasons. You only need to provide your credit card details when you are purchasing a product in the checkout. For processing credit card payments, we choose to use a 3rd party gateway, called PayPal. By utilising PayPal's excellent service we can ensure the security and robustness of your credit card details and transactions. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a credit card payment, however if you are a regular online shopper, having a PayPal account will benefit you. For more information on PayPal visit the PayPal website here.

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Are My Account Details Secure?

Absolutely. We do not share any of your personal account details with anyone. They are strictly used only for the purposes of using our online store, and for us to contact you should we need to do so.

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Shop layout

Our online shop works the same way as your local grocery store, which is basically a 3 step process as follows:

  1. You browse the products on the shelf.
  2. Add the ones you want to purchase to your shopping cart.
  3. Then proceed to the checkout to make your payment.

All our products have been categorised into a number of categories to simplify browsing our online store. These categories are viewable in the menu on the left hand side of each page, in a box titled "Shop Online". Once you select a category, the menu will expand out with its sub-categories (if it has any) and the main page will be displayed in the centre a listing of the products in the main category. You can use the sub-categories to narrow down the group of products that you are looking for.

When you click on a product, you will be taken to the page that contains further details about the product including a small thumbnail image of the product, a product name, the manufacturer name and the price. All of our prices include GST (if applicable).

If you need more information about a particular product, you can use the "Contact us for more information" buttton on the product page to ask any questions before you purchase.

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Adding products to the cart

Once you have found a product you want to buy, you'll need to add it to your shopping cart. You should check whether the product has any variants such as size, colour etc. Some products may contain a drop down menu which lists different variations for the product on that page. Be sure to select the appropriate variation from the drop down menu if one exists. Once you have found a product you wish to purchase, simply click the "Buy now" button. Once you have clicked this button, that product will automatically be added to your shopping cart. You then may or may not wish to add more products to your shopping cart. You can add as many items as you like, and remove them at any stage. You can even keep them in your shopping cart until a later date if you wish. This way you dont have to go searching for them again. The contents of your shopping cart will be shown on the left hand side of the screen below the category menu.

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Checkout process

As soon as you are ready to complete your purchase, simply click on the "Proceed to checkout button" shown at the bottom of your cart on the left hand side of the screen. Here you can either login to your account (if you already have one) or create a new account. Also, if you have a discount coupon or a gift certificate, you can enter the coupon code on this page.

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Making a Secure Payment

Our shop uses a hosted PayPal payment gateway service. This means that you can shop online using a MasterCard, Visa Card or Paypal account to pay for your purchase. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service. When you proceed to payment, you will be directed to a secure page on the PayPal website where you can enter your credit card details for your purchase. At no time will you be asked to enter your credit card details on our site and we NEVER record or store your credit card information in our system. This is a convenient, safe and secure method of paying for your purchases. PayPal is an eBay Inc company. Once you have made you have fnished the checkout process, by following the directions, you will be sent an email invoice of your order,we will be emailed a copy also. Your order will now be complete.

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Managing Your Account

If you have an account with us, you can login and view your current details at any time. Simply click on the "Login" button on the top right hand side of the homepage. Details such as your name, email address, and for online store purchasing purposes, we have your mailing address and telephone number. You would have entered all these details in when you registered for an account with us. Your details are stored securely on our web server and are protected. Once you login, simply click the "My Account" button located in the top menu. This will take you to a page displaying your account details. Once you are here, you will be given the option to view your Account information, Address Book, View your order history and from here, view copies of your invoices.


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Edit Your Account Information

Here you are provided with a form, listing all your personal details, and you have the ability to go through and change all of them, including changing your password.

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Address Book

This page will show all of the addresses that we have on file for you. You can create up to 5 addresses which can be used for shipping and billing. You can add, edit or remove addresses from this page.

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Order History

If you have purchased products from us before, or you have only just made one moments ago, you can click here to view invoices and details for each order. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your previous purchases, for example when you made the purchases, what the total cost was etc. It also allows you to view the full invoice of any order that you have previously made. This section also allows you to track the progress of orders you have made. Orders can be in either one of four states - Pending, Processing, Cancelled, or Delivered. As soon as you purchase something from our store, your order will be 'Pending' until someone attends to it. Once processed, your order will then be in the 'Processing' state. And finally, once your products have been shipped to you, and everything is finalised, your order will go to the 'Delivered' state. Each time your order changes state, we will notify you of the change, along with any details you should be aware of concerning your order.

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What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST), is a tax that is required to be paid on goods and services purchased by consumers that live in Australia. The amount of GST applied to products in our online store is 10%. GST only applies to Australian consumers, therefore if you DO NOT live in Australia you DO NOT have to pay the 10% GST. In Australia, we are required by law to display all prices INCLUDING GST and this is certainly the case with all of the products in our store.

However, when you create an account on our store and shop using that account's login details, our store will determine whether GST is applicable to your order. This determination is based upon the shipping address used for each order. If your shipping address is outside of Australia, then the GST tax will be removed from your order during the checkout process.

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We are an Australian company trading in the Brisbane suburb of Capalaba so our prices are shown in Australian dollars (AUD).

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